About Us

Meet Hugh!

Hugh first started his online journey years ago when he stumbled upon the stereotypical “Make $1,000 per day online” products which were flooding the Internet. I’m sure you have seen them and maybe even bought many of them!

At first he ignored them but eventually decided to purchase many of them. He even spent $1,995 for some of them.

Nothing is what it seems online!

The biggest problem Hugh faced was that whichever product he purchased which were supposed to show him how to make money online they always let him down!

The sales pages were so deceiving and misleading and promised way more than they delivered!

He was literally in a continuous loop of buying product after product never getting anywhere.

After years he still had NOT made a single cent!

No one to trust online!

It was perfectly obvious that no one actually helped others make money online. They only wanted your email address and to make you buy their product!

The so called “gurus” out there have created sales pages that will trick the most sensible person to buy!

AffiliateMarketingSteps.com was born!

As a result Hugh became his own “affiliate marketer” and “blogger” and immediately started working on his own training modules to show people an honest and safe way of making money online – the same methods He uses!

The journey to success is Never easy and anyone who wants to generate a monthly income online HAS to be willing to learn and be willing to do work hard but, at least when you have training you can trust , it becomes that much easier!

Now he spends his time trying and testing systems and strategies to ensure that his subscribers will get actionable and honest methods of making money online, without the fear of buying a scam or questionable training!


Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Steps.

This site and YouTube channel are dedicated to helping beginners become profitable online.

The first step in making money is building a list that you will be able to communicate with. We will provide tips and tools designed to help you build profitable email lists and become profitable in affiliate marketing.

So stay tuned!